Law Practice Management Software

A New Approach to Practice Management:  For All That Matters

Simplify your practice, capture more time, and increase productivity with Denovo, efficient practice management software for the solo attorney and small law firm.


Benefit today from greater efficiencies in your practice, saving you time and money.

Keep track of all of your contacts with Denovo's People management. People records can be individuals or entities. Use Denovo’s robust practice management platform to organize and store documents, automate document generation, and use our powerful database to perform conflict checks. Efficiently manage people, matters, time tracking, tasks, and more.

Document Automation in Denovo enhances your productivity and supports the production of error-free documents. Use Forms to quickly populate the documents that you use every day with Client and Matter specific information. 

Matters can be organized by Category and Subcategory, include unique descriptions and case numbers, and more. Keep all notes, time tracking, documents, forms, and associated people in one place associated with unique cases, providing you with a means of elevated record management.

Time Tracking is hard. Experience an easier approach to Time Tracking with Denovo. Record time entries with ease within Matters, Contact Records, or under Your Time. Using our handy Denovo Time Widget, you can easily record minutes in real time, pin active time cards for ease of use, and more. Time tracking can be customized to your firm's billing standards.

Find information easily with Denovo’s powerful database to avoid conflicts with clients and cases. Quickly search for potential conflicts. Results display for all conflicts showing record type, association, and primary attorney.


Just the right document,
just in time

With Denovo Marketplace, our in-development e-commerce platform, you will be able to find vetted and fully integrated documents essential to starting and growing your firm's practice areas. Denovo Marketplace even provides document packages, such as new firm essentials, including intake forms, basic contracts, and more.

Discover the Benefits of Denovo

Denovo is designed to eliminate common pain points for attorneys by focusing on adding value where it matters most: efficiency, organization, productivity, and client satisfaction.

A Passion for High Quality Software

Denovo was founded by an attorney with a passion for useful, quality software. This passion is what drives Denovo to provide software that enhances firm capability. Denovo focuses on efficiency and ease of use to add value to your practice, help capture more billable time, and automate burdensome document generation. You benefit from greater productivity and the potential for higher firm profitability.