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A New Approach to Law Practice Management: For All That Matters

Simplify your practice, capture more time, and increase productivity with Clever Case. No programming or extensive customization needed! Here are just a few of the features:

Matter Views


Time Tracking

Document Automation


Clever Case Features

Clever Case's features reduce costs, increase productivity, and grow your profitability potential.


Time Tracking

Time Tracking is hard. Experience an easier approach to Time Tracking with Clever Case. Record time entries with ease within Matters, Contact Records, or under Your Time. Using our handy Clever Case Time Widget, you can easily record minutes in real time, pin active time cards for ease of use, and more. Time tracking can be customized to your firm’s billing standards.



Easily create tasks, flag priority, assign due dates, and search through your To-Do list. Create Tasks for yourself or members of your team. Tasks assigned to you are located in your Dashboard to help keep you on track.



Take payments for invoices and trust quickly and seamlessly with Gravity Legal, our partner for payment processing. Electronic payments are automatically associated with your clients, saving you time with reconciling.


Matter Management

Matters can be organized by Category and Subcategory, include unique descriptions and case numbers, and more. Keep all notes, time tracking, documents, forms, tasks, and associated people in one place connected to unique cases, providing you with a means of elevated record management.



Clever Case has multiple integrations available, including calendar and task synchronization with Microsoft 365. Add-on integrations can connect your data to Power BI, create matters automatically with TrackDrive, or synchronize with accounting systems like Xero.


Conflict Checks

Find information easily with Clever Case’s powerful database to avoid conflicts with clients and cases. Quickly search for potential conflicts. Results display for all conflicts showing record type, association, and primary attorney.


Client Invoicing

Generate professional and accurate invoices for your clients through our streamlined invoice generation, approval, and submission process. Our invoices are easy to understand, fully functional, and associated to related Matters and People for records organization.


Advanced Analytics

Want to model your team’s productivity, determine the most valuable clients, or create a bespoke compensation program for your attorneys? Use our add-on integration with Power BI alongside some amazing templates, and leverage your data to solve tomorrow’s problems.

The Direct Benefits of Clever Case


Clever Case enhances firm capability.

It focuses on efficiency and ease of use to add value to your practice, help capture more billable time, and automate burdensome document generation.

Since Clever Case is accessible everywhere, we worry about updates, and latest features so you don’t have to. You benefit from greater productivity and the potential for higher firm profitability.

Clever Case: By Attorneys, For Attorneys

Clever Case is an innovative law practice management software designed to eliminate common pain points for attorneys by focusing on adding value for you where it matters most: efficiency, organization, productivity, and client satisfaction.

With technology commoditizing legal advice and documents, consumers aren’t getting the authentic legal advice that they need and law practices aren’t getting as much business. Now there’s no need to worry about this change. Clever Case revolutionizes how attorneys reach and interact with customers, while increasing efficiency, so you can increase your case load and profitability - and still be out of the office by 5.

Clever Case, by Clever Case, LLC, was created by attorneys for attorneys and their firms. Our focus is on the solo attorney and small legal practice, supporting from one to multiple locations. Clever Case can add value to any organization seeking better management of clients, case management, time tracking, task tracking, and documentation automation.

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