Want to improve your firm’s efficiency and bottom line? Implement modern case management software.


The commoditization of law through impersonal shopping-cart style, web-only providers impacts the client market and profitability potential for the solo attorney and small law practice. But what consumers may not realize is that an online law service does not fully meet their needs, and consumers may ultimately find that they end up not fully protected by their improperly selected online legal purchase.

How can the solo attorney and small practice provide personal client service and compete within this changing and increasingly competitive landscape? Through increasing firm efficiencies and managing client needs effectively. Here are some of the ways that legal case management software can improve your firm’s efficiency and profitability, while also best serving your clients:

-Save time previously spent searching. Time is money. Every ten minutes saved searching piles of folders for a phone number or other information is ten minutes that can be transitioned to billable work directly benefitting your clients. A clear, intuitive matter management software can organize all of your contacts, matters, notes, documents, and time keeping in one place. This helps you save time and get to work faster on the things that matter.

-Improve team productivity. Getting everyone in your legal practice on the same page can improve your firm’s collective productivity. Attorneys and paralegals alike have direct, instant, and easy access to necessary case and client information, ensuring best use of their time and a streamlined client experience, increasing client satisfaction.

-Increase client satisfaction. With online matter management software like Denovo, your client will not have to spend a lengthy period on hold when they call your firm. Attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants can all quickly access up to date files in real time, ensuring the best possible service delivery for your client. The ability to provide complete, timely, and effective service results in higher client satisfaction rates. High client satisfaction results in increased business referrals, which, in turn, results in an increased customer base for your firm.

-Improve your profitability. The efficiencies that can be attained from investing in an online, modern legal case management software like Denovo can help you increase your firm’s workload without having to increase your overhead. The ability to manage a higher number of clients without having to add additional support resources and team members directly results in greater profitability for your firm. A quality, accessible, and intuitive online matter management software can improve your profit margin.

These are just a few of the many ways that a well implemented and user-friendly law practice management software can increase your firm’s efficiency and improve your profitability. To learn more about Denovo’s matter management software, visit clevercase.com or contact info@clevercase.com.

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