Time Tracking


Capture More Billable Time

Time Tracking is hard. Experience an easier approach to Time Tracking with Denovo. Record time entries with ease within Matters, Contact Records, or under Your Time. Using our handy Denovo Time Widget, you can easily record minutes in real time, pin active time cards for ease of use, and more. Time tracking can be customized to your firm's billing standards.


Denovo Time Widget

The Time Widget provides an easy place to quickly Pin and access Time Cards, easily add additional time to Time Card using the Timer to track Time, and easily add Notes to a Time Card. Time Cards generated using the Time Widget display on the Associated Time Records for each selected Matter and Person, and also display on Your Time and Organization Time indexes.

Convenient Time Tracking

Working within a Matter? Create the Time Card from within the Matter to automatically populate the Matter details on the Time Card record. Save time by using the copy feature to copy a prior Time Card record associated with the Matter. Time Cards can also be created from within People records, or from the My Time display. Denovo is flexible to your time tracking preferences!

Customizable Time Configuration

Accurately bill your clients with Denovo. Time can be set across your organization to your default billable rate in minutes. Rates for partial time cards are properly calculated based on your organization's default rate. User rates can be set individually, or the User rate can be generated from the User's role.

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