The Unexpected Benefits of Matter Management Software

An online matter management software such as Denovo will allow your practice to experience increased efficiency by finding everything related to a matter in one place, saving time previously lost searching through emails, notes, and misplaced file folders. While this benefit is not surprising, there are many benefits of case management software that you may not have previously considered.

You’ll be able to work from anywhere. Need to make an update to a case file while on the road? Not a problem with Denovo. You can log in from anywhere: on a plane, at a client’s office, or even from home. Matter management software in the cloud is accessed using your preferred browser, and you do not need to download any software to get started. You will no longer have to run to the office or try to remember to update a case file at some point in the future.

Your records will be more complete. Keeping all notes, time tracking, client contact information, documents, and associated people and matters in one place provides a means of elevated record management.

Your practice will work more effectively together. Paralegals won’t need to wait on attorney availability to find needed contact information or to learn the most recent status on a matter. With Denovo, attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants can all easily access always updated client and matter data to ensure meetings are effectively scheduled in a timely manner, billable time is properly recorded to improve your firm’s bottom line, and your clients have the communication they need from your team.

You’ll save money. Time is money. Every twenty minutes previously spent looking for a misplaced note or a missing phone number is time that can be spent by your firm on billable hours. In fact, time savings from your increased efficiency using Denovo can more than cover the cost of your firm’s low-cost Denovo monthly subscription. Greater efficiency using Denovo can also help you scale your business, allowing you to support more clients without adding additional practice staff. Saving money – and time – helps your law firm be more competitive in today’s marketplace.

Your data is safe and secure in the cloud. Using a modern software application such as Denovo means that you are directly benefiting from the most modern software, database, and data availability technologies on the market today. With Denovo, you’ll also receive new features, software improvements, and software updates immediately. Dated downloaded or installed applications cannot provide this level of software maintenance and support, leaving you on your own for system administrator, server management or locked into costly support contracts.

These are just some of the benefits you can realize through selecting Denovo for your practice management needs. Denovo provides practice management software built especially for the solo attorney and small practice firm. Visit or contact us at to learn to learn more.

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