People Management


Contact and Relationship Management all in One Place

Keep track of all of your contacts with Denovo's People Management. Records can be individuals or entities. Keep up-to-date information on all of your contact records including phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, associated people, important information, associated documents, tasks, notes, and more.


Managing Individuals and Entities

In Denovo, Individual and Entity Records are collectively displayed under People. Each Person record contains all of the contact details and relevant information related to the individual or organization, any Associated Matters, Associated People, Associated Time, Tasks, and Notes. All People in a Denovo organization can be viewed from the People Index.

Convenient Time Tracking for People

Working within People records? Create a Time Card from within the People record to automatically populate the Individual or Entity name on the Time Card record to increase your productivity.

Define Associated Person Relationships

Denovo encourages clarity of associated person relationships. Connecting records alone does not provide enough detail. Denovo supports adding associated people to People records, and assists in clarifying bidirectional association relationships. These relationships are used to add depth of value to Conflict Check searches.

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