Conflict Check


Stay Compliant: Avoid Conflicts

Find information easily with Denovo’s powerful database to avoid conflicts with clients and cases. Quickly search for potential conflicts. Results display for all conflicts showing record type, association, and primary attorney.


Client Conflict Check Search

Denovo offers a new Client Conflict Check feature. Clicking the Conflict Check button on the top right of the screen of the People Index opens the Conflict Check. A Conflict Check search can be completed in Denovo for either a Person or an Entity.

Conflict Associations

Denovo provides actionable results if conflicts are found. Conflict check details display for where the conflict resides - whether on a Person record or on a Matter record - and also identifies the type of conflict. The conflict relationships are generated from Associated Person association information and from the Matter Role Associated Person information for a Matter conflict. People record names and Associated Matter numbers are linked to the corresponding records for ease of review.

Conflict Primary Attorney

Questions about a Conflict Check result? Simply connect with the Conflict's primary attorney at your firm. Denovo's conflict check is designed to help improve your conflict check capabilities and increase your search efficiency.

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