Matter Management


Keep Matters Organized

Each Matter record contains all of the Matter details and relevant information related to the Matter, Associated People, Associated Time, Documents, Tasks, and Notes. We recommend creating a separate Matter for each issue you address for a client. Denovo supports a number of ways to organize, name, and search for Matters.


Complete Records

Keeping all Matter details, time cards, associated people, client notes, documents, tasks, and associated people in one place provides a means of elevated record management and efficiency to improve your practice.

Access from Anywhere

Need to make an update to a case file while on the road? This is not a problem with Denovo. You can log in from anywhere: on a plane, at a client’s office, or even from home. Denovo's practice management software in the cloud is accessed using your preferred browser, and you do not need to download any software to get started. You will no longer have to run to the office or try to remember to update a case file.

Document Automation

Create Forms for specific Matter Categories, Matter Subcategories, or for the entire Practice. Completed Forms can be connected with Document Templates and help you quickly and effectively complete needed Matter documents through document automation.

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