Announcing Denovo’s Version 2.6.0 Release

Our Denovo Version 2.6.0 Release includes the following new features, improvements, and bug fixes for our law practice management software:

New Features:

  • Associated People phone numbers and email addresses now appear in the Matters sidebar. Clicking the Copy Icon allows the User to copy the information to the User’s clipboard for easy inclusion via Paste in areas outside of Denovo.
  • The newly created Matter Description Field is now visible in the Matters Index and within Matter Details in Time Cards.
  • Engineering researched, selected, installed, and tested a new Error Reporting tool (Sentry) for better documentation and support of Denovo. Several Automated Health Checks were built within Sentry to ensure optimal performance of Denovo.
  • Engineering completed a detailed architecture upgrade.


  • The Billing Rate on a Time Card was previously related to the Logged in User rate, and is now properly related to the Billing User field.
  • Improvements have been made to the user experience when opening Matters.
  • The input of Phone Numbers for People > Organization records has been improved.
  • Several Fields in People records have been polished, including removing parenthesis and supporting alpha-numeric inputs where needed.
  • Edit buttons are now consistently identified as a Pencil Icon throughout Denovo.
  • Improvements have been made to Category & Sub-Category default options for new systems.
  • Added back the ability to set an individual User Rate per User. If a User Rate is set, this rate will display for Time Cards. If an individual User Rate is not set, the default rate for the User Role will display on Time Cards.

Read our full Release Notes or contact us at with questions or to learn more about all that Denovo offers.

Denovo is designed to eliminate common pain points for attorneys by focusing on adding value where it matters most. Denovo offers streamlined and efficient matter management software for the solo practitioner and small law firm. Created by lawyers for lawyers, with a focus on ease of use and effective contact management, matter management, time tracking, turnkey document automation, document storage, and more. Explore our Features and sign up to receive updates on our development.

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