Announcing Denovo’s May 15, 2017 Release

Our May 15 release includes the following new features and improvements:


  • The Individual Matter view has been revamped for greater clarity and ease of use. You’ll see new links to content areas in the Navigation Bar (Associated People, Associated Timecards, Documents, and Notes) where previously image icons were located. Clicking on the Matter Number will take you back to the Matter Details, Practice Forms, and Matter Forms content areas:
  • The Matter Page is revamped to allow ease of new Matter information input. The Matter Details tab is expanded when a New Matter is created, and can be revisited if edits are needed after Matter creation through clicking on the Matter Number in the purple square and expanding the Matter Details carrot.
  • The five most recent notes are now pinned for quick viewing on the Matter Navigation Bar. Clicking on the note on the Navigation Bar will take you to the note in Associated Notes.
  • Forms can be set to Practice Level on Admin > Matter Categories > Forms > New Form through clicking the Make Practice Level Form. This will allow access and display of the Form, once completed and associated with a Template, on all Matters under the new Practice Forms tab. Stay tuned for more helpful information about Forms, Templates, and Documents.
  • Practice and Matter Forms are now separated from each other and easily accessible on the Matter Details page.
  • Practice and Matter Forms both now provide a status update on progress toward completion of each form. Note that progress is measured against Required form fields only. If the field is not required, a form may mark as done with those fields still empty. Best Practice is to ensure every field that is necessary for form completion is set as Required when building your Forms for your Practice under Admin > Matter Categories > Forms.
  • Associated People, Associated Timecards, Documents, and Notes all identify how many of each item are related to the Matter in the Matter Navigation Bar. A ‘New’ displays when there are no items associated:
  • Client details now populate automatically in the Matter Details when Associated People are added to the matter with the Matter Role of Client.


  • The Matter Number and Case Number both are now prominently displayed in the Matter. Clicking on the Matter Number will return the User to the Matter Details page.

Read our full Release Notes or contact us at with questions or to learn more about all that Denovo offers.

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